Now on Kickstarter The Others: 7 Sins by Cool Mini or Not

September 12, 2015 - 10:24am
the others Cool Mini or Not, Guillotine Games, Studio McVey, designer Eric Lang, and artist Adrian Smith have teamed up again to bring The Others: 7 Sins to Kickstarter. This is the same design team that brought us the soon to be released Blood Rage. Where Blood Rage was a viking themed game The Others is a horror board game featuring the 7 Deadly Sins.
In The Others: 7 Sins, the world stands on the brink of apocalypse, as the fanatics of the Hell Club have summoned the 7 Deadly Sins to lay waste to our reality. Slowly the Others have creeped into our lives, corrupting society from within. The city of Haven is the key to their invasion, but it will not go down without a fight, thanks to the actions of the paranormal organization known as F.A.I.T.H. (Federal Authority for the Interdiction of Transdimensional Horrors). Each session of The Others is played with one player controlling the forces of a single Sin, again st the other players who control a team of 7 FAITH heroes. The heroes cooperate to survive the Sin's attacks and accomplish the missions set before them, while the Sin attempts to thwart the heroes in all ways (preferably by destroying them).
As to be expected with Cool Mini or Not involved there are some really fantastic miniatures but the gameplay definitely looks interesting as well...not surprising with Eric Lang involved. There is definitely a lot of variety in the box with different story boards that each play differently and have multiple map set ups that make each individual story unique as well as the different sins punishing the heroes in different ways. the others comp The box comes full of goodies and includes:
  • 47 Highly Detailed Figures Including:
  •   8 Hero Figures
  •   1 Pride Avatar and 1 Sloth Avatar Figures
  •   1 Pride Controller and 1 Sloth Controller Figures
  •   6 Pride Abomination and 6 Sloth Abomination Figures
  •   6 Corrupted Nun Acolyte Figures
  •   6 Corrupted Hobo Acolyte Figures
  •   6 Corrupted Doctor Acolyte Figures
  •   5 Hell Club Figures
  • 10 City Tiles
  • 6 Boards for the Sins Player (2 Sins, 3 Acolytes, and 1 Apocalypse Track)
  • 7 Hero Dashboards
  • 70 Cards
  • Over 70 Cardboard Tokens
  • 27 Sculpted Plastic Tokens
  • 7 Story Boards
  • 8 Colored Bases
  • 14 Custom Dice
The gameplay itself looks like there are some fun and difficult decisions to make during the game, you can watch a game play video on the Kickstarter project page or just click here. The game definitely gets more difficult as it progresses and I like that fact that heroes in the game will die. At the start of the game the non sin players choose 7 starting heroes with each controlling at least one to begin with (lower player counts may find one player controlling more than one hero) with the remainder in reserve. As the game progresses and heroes die a new hero from the pool is brought into the game, at any point if a hero dies and can not be replaced the non sin players loose. To win the non sin players must complete the missions on the story board chosen for that game. Eric Lang has designed some amazing games that have been released lately like Arcadia Quest, Dice Masters, XCom: The Board Game just to name a few and Cool Mini or Not is known for high funding projects with lots of stretch goals so the expectations for The Others is quite high. While the rule book is not available the game play video does and excellent job of showing how the game works, even if it does run a on the longer side. If what you read above interests you in any way I highly recommend going to the Kickstarter page to check it out you can find The Others: 7 Sins on Kickstarter here.