Strength in Numbers - A closer look at the Tie/fo fighter for X-Wing

September 12, 2015 - 10:12am
force awakens FFG Revealed on Force Friday, the new X-Wing Force Awakens core set contains exciting new Resistance and First Order ships.  This latest article at Fantasy gives a closer look at the Tie/fo fighters.
Designed to take advantage of swarm tactics and numerical superiority, the TIE/fo fighter is an extremely agile, mass-production fighter designed for swarm tactics. However, it’s not quite as fragile as the TIE fighters that were flown during the Galactic Civil War. Instead, its hull and shields were reinforced to improve survivability. The result is a more durable First Order fighter with two attack, three agility, three hull, and a point of shields.
ffg tfa maneuvre The ship features a number of manoeuvring options, including a speed "1" turn that the X-Wing can't match and a fully loaded action bar.  As well as the Koiogran turn the Tie/fo can also execute Segnor's loops with both manoeuvres giving a stress token.
The TIE/fo fighter is always a fast, slippery ship, no matter who’s sitting in its cockpit. Still, there are definitely a number of veteran pilots within the First Order who are simply able to get more from the ship than their colleagues. The Force Awakens Core Set comes with nine different TIE/fo fighter ship cards, including three unique veterans. Identified by their call signs, these First Order pilots are able to handle their TIEs in ways that less experienced pilots simply can’t.
Featuring full compatibility with other ships in the series, set course for that galaxy far, far away in your very own Tie/fo fighter soon.