Now on Kickstarter: Avalanche at Yeti Mountain from Green Couch Games

September 9, 2015 - 9:10am
avalance yeti Strap on your skis, slap the Yeti, and get ready to fire up your rockets! Wait what....rocket powered skis? And what's all this about a Yeti? Oops did we forget to mention the avalanche...better get down the mountain quick but make sure you don't spill! If you've ever played the game Ski Free, or an iOS/Android app called Ski Safari then you probably have a pretty good idea of how Green Couch Games newest Kickstarter project 'Avalanche at Yeti Mountain' plays out. In this game from designer Matt Wolfe 1-5 players take on the roll of a group of engineering students who have invented rocket powered skis. In a moment of epicness...or perhaps stupidity they decide to test their new designs out on Yeti Mountain. Apparently clueless that a mountain named Yeti Mountain actually contains a Yeti and ignorant of the fact that rocket powered skis will surely trigger an avalanche as they race down the mountain chased by a Yeti. avalanche yeti comp Each round all players choose a card that has a speed and a symbol on it. The cards are simultaneously revealed and the player with the highest card played will go first. However if the total number on the cards is higher than the speed limit (determined by the number of players) the player with the highest value revealed card crashes. Additionally if you play a card that has a symbol that matches the card you are currently on you activate your 'rocket power' jumping over the remaining spaces on your current card and the next card before counting the number of spaces you move. However activating your rocket power also speeds up the avalanche so it moves faster down the mountain as well.
In Avalanche at Yeti Mountain, players play dual-use cards — the same cards used to make up the ski slopes of Yeti Mountain — to determine their speed in a race down the mountain. If players collectively exceed the speed limit, which is determined by the number of players, the fastest players crash only moving one space forward towards the goal. Players may also activate rocket jumps to overshoot the competition but at the expense of causing an avalanche to begin chasing them down the mountain. If that's not enough tension, rocket jumps are possible only if the Yeti, awoken from his slumber by all of the rocket-powered racket, doesn't attack and deactivate players' rocket-powered skis! The last skier standing, or the skier who makes it to the bottom of Yeti Mountain, wins the game.
Matt Wolfe is also the designer of Wombat Rescue that was successfully Kickstarted earlier this year and Avalanche at Yeti Mountain looks like another fun and interesting game. It plays in about 20-30 minutes and has some fantastic artwork done by Adam P. McIver. I recommend heading over to Kickstarter now and checking out this fun filled adventure, you can find the project here.