A customizable Mech game on Kickstarter

September 7, 2015 - 9:23am
mech deck From Kickstarter and designer Patrick Fahy, comes a new, unique take on the tactical miniatures genre: Mech Deck. Mech Deck is a “light skirmish that focuses on building customizable Mechs.” Customizable is the word here, damage is tracked not only with stats but by removing different parts from the Mech miniatures. The hex terrain is modular too, each game taking place on a “randomly-generated battlefield.” mech deck comp The game comes with 24 different plastic components that can be combined to produce truly devastating mech designs, promising that each game of this will play out differently. The various components are drafting during the pregame, making players take turns, one part at a time to try to create a bot that will become the King of the Hill. The game also provides 52 Deck cards which further varies up the customizability of the game. Each Deck card provides various powers which allows your Mech to perform in totally unique ways. The game combines resource management, tactical movement, dice combat, deck (mech) building, and special powers to create one of the most exciting skirmish miniatures games that I have seen advertised in some time. If this game succeeds, I see it as being a trend setter for upcoming games in this genre. You can click here to visit and fund the campaign.