Arcadia Card Replacements

September 2, 2015 - 3:52pm
Arcadia_q9igrh Arcadia, a new theme-park building card game, was reviewed earlier this year by The Dice Tower. Unfortunately, there were some misprints with the early copies of the game, - the icons were shifted and didn't match the symbols they were supposed to have, so when you watch Tom's review, keep in mind the fixes to the actual version:
Several folks (including reviewers) have indicated that it was taking too long to build attractions with Arcadia. We spreadsheeted every aspect of this game, so this was surprising to hear. Yet after repeated complaints we took a close look at the cards and saw that some of the job and expert cards don’t match the symbols they’re supposed to have. Namely, they had restrictions to build only certain attraction types BUT the icons they provided don’t appear on many of those attractions. Somehow the icons didn’t transfer correctly from our playtest cards to the production cards. So how are we going to fix this? Well fortunately 99.9% of the games were still at the factory when the problem was discovered. We were therefore able to fix all of the games EXCEPT for the early review copies and those that bought the game at Gen Con. For you folks, we have had the printer provide extra copies of the replacement cards. Just email us at with your address and we’ll replace your cards for free when we get them!
So if you have an early copy of Arcadia, make sure to email Ape Games for the replacement cards. In the meantime, check out their announcement here for the list of changes to the cards.