First Look at Pandemic Legacy Visuals

September 1, 2015 - 12:01am
[embed][/embed] F2Z games, publisher of Z-Man Games, Filosofia, Pretzel Games, and Plaid Hat Games has just released a trailer that gives a viewers a sneak peak at the upcoming game Pandemic Legacy. This game will be the second Legacy game on the market, following up on the success of 2011's Risk Legacy. These Legacy games are focused on campaigns, where players' actions in one game will affect the next. This may mean cards get torn to pieces, stickers get applied to the board, or new elements get added to the game from secret, sealed portions of the box. The trailer for Pandemic Legacy is just over a half-minute long and is full of slow-motion shots of cards being ripped, stickers pealed, and tabs popped. There is a brief glimpse of the folded board being taken out of the box, but it is intentionally out of focus, so it is hard to glean details. Though this trailer does not give much in the way of information, we are showed the inside of the box and its eight sealed compartments. The trailer should be enough to whet some gaming appetites, and it is certainly more informative than the previously released trailer of blue and red hospital scenes.