Booze Barons - Hidden identity and social deduction - LIVE on Kickstarter

August 29, 2015 - 9:01pm
booze baron Overworld games has announced the launch of a US prohibition era themed social deduction game "Booze Barons"

PRESS RELEASE: Booze Barons Launches on Kickstarter!

Bootlegging, deduction, and booze...

San Francisco, CAOverworld Games adds another hidden identity and social deduction game to their line with Booze Barons, designed by Jeremy Commandeur, which is now LIVE on Kickstarter. Booze Barons is a 30 minute, 3-9 player game that takes place in the 1920s US Prohibition era where each player is secretly bootlegging a home-brewed type of beer, wine, or liquor. There are always 3 teams in the game so you need to figure out which type of booze each player is bootlegging based on the deliveries they make and then expose them to the cops (if they’re not on your team). Take a look at this Choose Your Own Adventure, by E. Kokkila Schumacher, that introduces you to some of the characters and locations you’ll find in the game.

booze barons cards

Booze Barons was playtested at Protospiel Houston, Protospiel Michigan, Protospiel Austin, Protospiel San Jose, and Unpub 5, so you can be confident in an extremely strong design. The illustrator is Derek Bacon, who is best known for the gorgeous art in Smash Monster Rampage and Tower - he will make you forget that the Prohibition Amendment was ever repealed. The designer takes you through his creation in this How to Play video. The campaign offers backers a chance to name their own booze types that will appear in the game and they can also back for a premium GameTrayz upgrade to make setup quick and easy.

 About Overworld Games

Overworld Games is based in Sioux Falls, SD and San Francisco, CA. They specialize in light, social deduction games that have a high degree of player interaction. They are best known for Good Cop Bad Cop and New Salem. Contact: