Rook and Pawn Game Cafe Opens in Athens, Georgia

August 29, 2015 - 1:14pm
online athes Board game cafes are awesome, like the Board and Brew in Maryland and the well known Snakes and Lattes in Toronto, you can drop in, have some coffee and a sandwich and play some great games.  But even though more and more are opening, they are still something of a rarity and thus can be hard to find.  So Tim and Carrie Kelly decided to rectify that in their area by opening the Rook and Pawn in downtown Athens, Georgia.  Their aim is to have a board game cafe where,
"people would feel comfortable coming in to play Life, but the people that know Castles of Mad King Ludwig — these really in-depth games — they would feel really comfortable too, and these two groups could sit down next to each other and have an equally great time."
The Rook and Pawn boasts a 600 game library on a wall that requires a ladder to get to the top.  Head over to the article posted on Online Athens to read more about the cafe.  And if you happen to be in area, why not drop by? Update: I had incorrectly stated the cafe was in Athens, Greece when it is in Athens, Georgia