The Draco Magi Expansion Kickstarter

August 26, 2015 - 11:22pm
draco magi exp The Draco Magi Expansion, the follow up to 2014s duelling card game Draco Magi is now on Kickstarter. Designed by Robert Burke and Richard Launius with fantastic fantasy art by Kerem Beyit, this expansion features 24 new dragon cards, 8 battlefield cards and new deck construction and drafting rules. Only one expansion is needed for both the gold and green factions and there are no boosters involved, you get everything you need. Different pledge levels include playmats at usual size as well as full table sized mats, along with Battlebards Draco Magi soundboards and playing card decks. draco magi cards exp The Kickstarter launched on the 25th August but has already funded in less than a day. There are still many stretch goals to be reached though which feature new dragons again with artwork by Kerem Beyit.