Mayday Games announces Garbage Day

August 26, 2015 - 11:17pm
logo Mayday Games has announced their next dexterity based game, Garbage Day.  In this game you are trying your best to not be the one that has to take out the trash.  You will do this by playing from your hand cards either into your room, or onto the provided garbage can.  As you balance these cards on the can some will fall off, when they fall off you have to put them in your room and if your room is full you will have put them in an overflow pile.  If your overflow pile reaches it's limit then you are eliminated, the last one standing is the winner.  It also has the interesting end condition of if no one has any overflow cards and all the cards have all been played, then the garbage can wins. The following is an official press release from Mayday Games. Garbage day press release