Press Your Look Western Dice Game - Funded on Kickstarter

August 20, 2015 - 7:49pm
d6 shooter Already funded on Kickstarter, D6 Shooter is a quick playing - press-your-luck dice game designed by Robb De Nicola and published by Epic Scale Games. It's already well surpassed it's funding goal and still has 2 weeks left of the campaign. d6 shooter comp     So what's this game about?
  • Feel like a real lawman pressin' yer luck trying to bring wanted bandits to justice. Some of these varmints are tough!
  • The decision is yours...can you stop yerself before you lose yer bandits...or will you test just how lucky you are?
  • Feel the excitement & relief when beating a tough bandit!
  • Event and General Store cards add another level to the standard press-your-luck style game.
  • Player interaction!  One person running away with the game? You may just have to grab a General Store card & slow them down!
  • Awesome themed character designs add to the fun. We're sure you'll be naming these bandits with yer family and friends!
You can click here to view the Kickstarter campaign and pledge. Entry level pledges are as low as $19.00.