Now on Kickstarter: Loaded Up & Truckin'

August 20, 2015 - 7:24pm
loaded up Few themes speak to the pick up and deliver mechanic as much as cross country truck driving does. Loaded Up & Truckin' is now on Kickstarter and looks to satisfy your pick and deliver needs as well as area control and push your luck. Loaded Up is designed by new designer Joe Roush and published by Nothing Now Games (NNG). Additionally it is developed by Jeff Horger, who has a lot of industry experience as the designer of Manoeuvre, 20th Century Limited, Thunder Alley & the upcoming Fast & Furious: Full Throttle.

loaded up compo

Loaded Up & Truckin' places you in the position of running a small start up trucking company with the goal of becoming one of the big guys.
All across America trucks rumble across the interstate carrying products from manufacturers to retailers. As a small start-up company with a truck, an office and a dream you are throwing your hat into the ring to challenge the big boys. The freight has to be moved and there is stiff competition for who can get loads first and who can make the most profitable routes. But watch out, Smokey is on the prowl. So put the hammer down and let it all hang out. You have to get... Loaded Up & Truckin’
Amassing money is one way to score points but your deliveries will be compared to other players as well so truckin' from city to city picking up and delivering packages along the way will help you win. The rule book is available for download as well so if the game interests you be sure to check it out. Loaded Up & Truckin' plays 2-6 in about 20 min. per player and is on Kickstarter now, so head on over and check it out.