Munchkin Celebrates 15th Anniversary in 2016 with Guest Artist Editions

August 18, 2015 - 5:10pm
Munchkin Guest Artist Steve Jackson Games bestselling game Munchkin, with over 7 million copies sold since its introduction in July 2001 is ready to celebrate 15 years in print with a series of deluxe special editions over the next year featuring the work of several guest artists. In January, 2016, SJG will release an edition featuring the artwork of Ian McGinty, best known for his work on Adventure Time and Munchkin comic books from BOOM! Studios. In March 2016, they will release a second special edition illustrated by Len Peralta, whose art was featured in the Munchkin The Guild booster, the Geek a Week trading card sets and as co-creator of the Ten Slate comic. Other special editions will be released throughout 2016, and will be announced on the Steve Jackson Games website and through social media. The news from Steve Jackson games can be seen here.