Now on Kickstarter from Red Raven Games, Dingo's Dreams and City of Iron 2nd Edition

August 16, 2015 - 9:46am
dingos dreams Red Raven Games and Ryan Lauket are becoming known for producing some beautiful looking games from Eight Minute Empire and City of Iron to their previous kickstarted game Above and Below.  Dingo's Dreams aims to continue that and brings in designer Alf Seegert, the designer of Fantastiqa, to bring you what they are calling "a wily Australian cross between Bingo and The A-maze-ing Labyrinth."  In Dingo's Dreams you will be sliding tiles into your own 5x5 grid of tiles (like A-maze-ing Labyrinth) in order to position you animal tiles to match your drawn goal card.  This sounds easy but each turn you draw a card and you can only turn that tile over to the animal side, meaning where your animals show up is determined by a card draw, and with the addition of blocked tiles in the advanced game, it can become even harder.  Couple this with Ryan's amazing illustrations and you have a game that will appeal to a puzzler with an eye for beautiful games. city of iron cards In addition to Dingo's Dreams this campaign will be funding the 2nd edition of City of Iron.  You can look at Tom's review of the 1st edition on Youtube and the second edition is promising the usual, updated art and icons, new building cards and citizen cards, revised game board, new variants, and a revised rule book.  Also in the comments of the campaign it has been mentioned that some cards from the expansion have been moved into the base game and vice versa.  City of Iron in of itself is a city building game with some deck building mechanisms that has you conquering new lands, adding resources to you kingdom, and expanding your city.  You can head over to BoardGameGeek to find out more information on the 1st edition and figure out if you want to join in with the 2nd edition. The campaign is fully funded at this point and on it's way to stretch goals with the first two upgrading Dingo's Dreams and the next three upgrading City of Iron 2nd Edition.  Head over to the campaign page to pledge for one, the other, or both.