Now on Kickstarter: Lobotomy

August 5, 2015 - 10:09pm
lobotomy Lobotomy is an upcoming co-operative board game about escaping a psychiatric hospital. In the game, up to five players will take on the roles of mental patients as they fight off monsters (hospital staff), collect items (random trash), and recover their memories to unlock more skills (slip deeper into madness). With its unique theme, a modular gameboard, character development, and detailed minis, this game is already looking like it will be a hit - it's already way past its initial Kickstarter goal, and all the early bird spots are full. Lobotomy is created by Titan Forge, a company that has been sculpting and designing miniatures for almost ten years. From the pictures of the miniatures for Lobotomy, it looks like their high standards will be carried over to the board game with over forty miniatures! lobotomy board Lobotomy will have:
  • 1-5 players
  • cooperative horror adventure with role
  • playing character development
  • unique dungeon crawling, roguelike mechanics and solo-play option
  • replayabiity with modular gameboard, random scenarios and different narrative every playthrough
  • ability to win the game but still lose your self-uncovering past personality
  • over 40 highly detailed miniatures and monsters inspired by classic horror themes
  • at least 5 different player characters, each with personalized miniature, backstory and own set of powers
  • equipment and skills cards collected by heroes during the game, featuring climatic arts and flavors
  • action, decisions and RPG elements lead to a big finale each session
The Kickstarter also has an option to include the expansion, From the Deep. Check out the Kickstarter here for more information and some character backstories!