Fantasy Flight Announces New Expansions for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

August 4, 2015 - 5:29pm
assault carrier pieces FFG has announced several new expansions for the Star War’s X-Wing Miniatures game, all scheduled for 4Q 2015 release. First, is the very cool-looking Imperial Assault Cruiser. Designed for use with the Cinematic and Epic Play formats, the expansion consists of on Gozanti-class assault cruiser, 2 upgraded TIE fighter variants, ships cards, upgrade cards, new imperial aces, one new character—Agent Kallus—and all the maneuver disks and tokens needed to fully integrate the ships into a variety of games. The cruiser is a very large miniature, that can act as both an assault ship and a freighter used to carry TIE fighters into battle. The expansion also includes four new scenarios for Epic Play using the cruiser. The new TIE fighters, ship cards, aces and Agent Kallus can also be used in Standard Play. All in all, this looks like a nice addition to any style of X-Wing play. Information on the cruiser expansions can be found here. x wing wave Second, FFG is also announcing the release of the VIIIth Wave of X-Wing starship expansions for the miniatures game. The new expansions include: • Ghost Expansion, which includes the Rebel ‘Ghost’ stealth ship and its associated ‘Phantom’ shuttle/attack ship, along with upgrades, new pilot cards, ship cards and the requisite tokens and maneuver dials to integrate into the core game. • Inquisitors TIE Expansion, including a new TIE advanced fighter prototype, the Inquisitor himself, new ship cards and upgrades to enhance imperial capabilities in the hunt for the Rebels. • Mist Hunter Expansion, adding the ‘Mist Hunter’ ship for use by the bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM as part of the Scum and Villainy faction. The ship includes agility, a cloaking device and tractor beam—all slightly illegal. • Punishing One Expansion, which includes the JumpShip 5000 ‘Punishing One’ with Dengar, the Coerellian bounty hunter as pilot, along with other upgrades and new ship cards. All the expansion feature new ships that look like they will be very nice additions to the X-Wing universe. Details on all 4 expansions can be found here. As mentioned earlier, all the expansions are scheduled for release to retailers in 4Q 2015. May the force be with you.