Now on Kickstarter—Conan: Rise of the Monsters

August 4, 2015 - 5:33pm
conan age of monsters Pulposaurus Entertainment, a collaborative effort of George Vasilakos, Shane Hemsley, Timothy Brown and Jack Emmert, is now Kickstarting its first game, Conan: Age of the Monsters. The game will also feature the artwork of top artists such as Victor Moreno and Adrian Smith. Conan:ROTM is a “epic fantasy miniature wargame” based on the stories of Robert Howard set in the Hyborean Age of Conan the Cimmerian. The game features pre-painted miniatures, with the goal of creating a miniatures game that would be playable right out of the box, and with simple rules, but complex strategy. However, Pulposaurus is offering a backer option of unpainted figures as well. Set in the later life of Conan, after he has seized the throne of Aquilonia, its pits King Conan’s Circle of Iron soldiers and knights against the Legion of Set, a dark band of sorcerers, fighters and serpents gathered together by the mysterious Thoth-Amon of Stygia. Each set of figures is paired with a unit card, defining its strengths and characteristics, and unique dice, as the two armies maneuver against one another in battle. Each side can also use Destiny tokens and a unique set of Fate Cards to change outcomes and affect the battle. conan age of monsters figures Each set comes in a separate box with 15 miniatures, dice, unit and Fate Cards, tokens, and die cut terrain sheets. And, I must say, that the pre-production miniatures look fantastic! Backer levels include the option of only one set (either the Legion of Set of Circle of Iron), or a combination of sets. The KS campaign also features a large set of add-ons for backers to choose from to expand each army. Stretch goals will add more figures, such as new units, variant designs of base units, new characters, and new monsters compatible with the base game, some of which will be available as add-ons. There is also the "Fall of Mitra" campaign book to provide background and depth for the miniature battles. The campaign runs until August 30, 2015, with delivery estimated for June 2016. The Kickstarter campaign can be found here.