Now on Kickstarter from Bezier Games, One Night Ultimate Vampire

August 4, 2015 - 6:00pm
We previous announced the release of One Night Ultimate Vampire, from Bezier Games. Well, the Kickstarter campaign is live and has surpassed it's funding goal and is well into unlocking many stretch goals. Bezier Games aims to continue expanding their One Night line with their next game One Night Ultimate Vampire.  It plays much the same as previous one night games but with vampires being the main evil instead of werewolves.  The main difference in gameplay comes with the fact vampires can convert a person to their team and the addition of marks, which add additional rules to the win or lose condition for some players.  Some of the marks are diseases that make the people who voted for the diseased players lose even if their team wins, clarity which removes all other marks, assassination which makes it so that for the assassin to win, that mark must be the one that is killed, and the mark of the traitor which means you win only if someone on your team dies.  But the most interesting thing of all is the ability for this to be combined with the previous one night games to create a brand new three team game with vampires, werewolves, and those tasty villagers. one night ultimate vampire roles Head on over to the kickstarter page to pledge, you will also have the ability to catch up on all the previous one night games as well.