F2Z Entertainment announces the acquisition of Plaid Hat Games

July 29, 2015 - 5:19pm
f2z plaid hat The following Press Release was issued by F2Z Entertainment: Rigaud, Québec, Canada (July 29, 2015) – F2Z Entertaiment, Canadian game publisher of the brands Filosofia, Z-Man Games and Pretzel Games, announces today the acquisition of American publisher Plaid Hat Games. The new entity, now operating under the name F2Z USA Corp., will be operating out of Dallas, Texas. “Plaid Hat Games has always put a strong focus on the design and development process of making board games and the skill set of the team at Plaid Hat Games reflects that focus. As Plaid Hat Games has grown, the other aspects of the board game publishing business have devoured more and more of the team’s time and attention. This acquisition by F2Z Entertainment allows the Plaid Hat Games’ team to turn their attention back to what they do best as they are bolstered by a super-star production, logistics, sales and marketing team that will have a fast impact on game players around the world having reliable access to the games we create,” comments Colby Dauch, Plaid Hat Studio Manager. Some titles currently in the Plaid Hat Games catalog will also be gradually integrated into the F2Z Digital Media branch. “This acquisition will give the actual and forthcoming titles a wider and deeper reach into the national and international markets over all media support,” comments Sophie Gravel, President of F2Z Entertainment inc The bestselling titles Dead of WinterTM and Mice & MysticsTM join the F2Z portfolio of world-wide award-winning games like Carcassonne* , PandemicTM, Catane*, Terra Mystica*, Zooloretto* and Camel Up*. “Starting next year, every Plaid Hat titles will be simultaneously released by Filosofia. That is wonderful news for our French-speaking fans !,” notes Lyne Bouthillette, marketing and communication manager at F2Z Entertainment. More simultaneous releases in German and Dutch are also in the planning. *Published under license Filosofia or Z-Man Games. About F2Z Entertainment Inc. The F2Z Entertainment Team counts some forty employees located in Canada, the US, German and France. It manages the following brands : Filosofia Éditions, Z-Man Games, Pretzel Games, F2Z Digital Media and now, Plaid Hat Games.