Looney Labs announces Retro Loonacy

July 29, 2015 - 5:10pm
retro loonacy On July 27th, Looney Labs announced their next small card game, Retro Loonacy.  Loonacy, like their other games, is easy, fun, and chaotic in how you play.  Everyone will have a hand of cards with two symbols on each card, then there will be a number of cards set out face up to start the stacks, then on a count of 3 everyone starts playing cards in real time, no separate turns.  The only rule for playing down a card is that it has to match one of the symbols on the card you are playing it on, and if no one has any matches then you flip over new cards from the main deck and start the chaos all over again. The current version of Loonacy has pictures that you have seen from the Fluxx games with things like the moon, space ships, cookies, dogs, cats, and so on.  The retro version of the game is going to sport a markedly different art style then all their other games and have a focus on stuff from decades past like VHS tapes, lava lamps, and rotary phones.  Personally I am intrigued by the art style alone and as a fan of the original loonacy, I may have to pick up a copy myself. Retro Loonacy has an expected release date of October 2nd and you can get more info by checking out the announcement on the Looney Labs site.