MeepleTown Interviews Sergio Halaban

July 25, 2015 - 9:45am
Bruno Faidutti, left, Sergio Halaban, right (Image from Bruno Faidutti, left, Sergio Halaban, right (Image from

Derek Thompson, over at MeepleTown ,interviewed Sergio Halaban, one of the designers of Sheriff of Nottingham; winner of the 2015 Origins Award for best board game. In the interview he talks about how he got started in the hobby and what eventually led to him design games. As he reminisces about the start of his gaming hobby Sergio says:
None of us were a “real gamer”, so we started with the games we used to play in our childhood and adolescence (Monopoly, Clue, Risk, etc.). At that time the Internet was a novelty and through it we discovered a wonderful new world of games! So from the Hasbro “classics” we moved to Settlers of Catan and then we never stopped
He also talks about some of the unique things about co-designing games and his relationship with Bruno Faidutti, designer of Mascarade  and many other games. He also talks about how he goes about finding publishers for his games. You can checkout the whole interview here.