Gale Force Nine Gen Con 2015 Announcements

July 25, 2015 - 9:40am
firefly gencon Gale Force Nine, publisher of games like X-Men: Mutant Revolutions, Firefly, posted an announcement on their site to highlight the games they will be releasing during Gen Con 2015, the biggest gaming convention in the United States. This latest post concentrates on the games they will have available for demo at Gen Con. They begin the post with talk about their upcoming game Superstar Showdown. This is a wrestling game where players can control some of their favorite wrestlers in a team match style play.  Some of the wrestlers you can control are Apex Predator, Randy Orton, or dynamic Submission Specialist, Daniel Bryan. The next game is Firefly. They will have their new customizable ship set available, as well as a playmat that combines the base game map with the other two expansion maps from the Blue Sun and Kalidasa expansions, making this map a 50" X 20" size playmat. Lastly they will have a full line of D&D game accessories and Collector's Series miniatures. The Collector's series is a fully painted line that can be used during your D&D campaigns. For more on these post and to learn about the other Gale Force 9, click here.