Upcoming Impressions Release Schedule

July 22, 2015 - 10:16pm
impressions_f1kgzg Impressions, the organizer behind Free RPG Day, has put out a listing of the titles they will be shipping on July 21st and shortly thereafter.  For the games shipping on July 21st we have: palmyra Pax & Pergamemnon Expansion card packs - two expansions in one Palmyra - a tile laying game where you are trying to conquer new lands and collect taxes to impress Caesar and become governor of the province of Palmyra Panthalos - You are trying to stop the invading titans by creating titans of your own Peloponnes: Sacrum - adds an extra player and provides a way to sacrifice inhabitants to secure points LUGU - a storytelling card game where players compete for the highest score while telling a story together (NEW) Hostage Negotiator - You play the part of a law enforcement negotiator trying to get hostages released from an unscrupulous figure who wants all his demands met (NEW) Games from the July 1st shipments: Seas of Iron: Rising Sun - the first expansion for the battleship combat game Seas of Iron (NEW) Peloponnes (3rd edition) - a civ building game set in ancient Greece Albion's Legacy - a cooperative, modular adventure type game set in the Arthurian legends (NEW) DragonFlame - As a dragon you need to capture a princess and build a horde of treasure in this fantasy card game (NEW) peloponnes And finally, new releases coming in September: Peloponnes Box - a boxed edition of all the released Peloponnes expansions Pixel Tactics 4 - more pixel tactics and also a new mechanic, traps Pixel Tactics 5 - brings into the game the characters from BattleCON: War of Indines into the game.  Also this set has the deluxe minipack promos from the kickstarter: Black Ops, Sealed Secrets, and The Final Frontier You can check out the full release here which also contains restocks as well as RPG books and magazines that I have not mentioned.