One Night Ultimate Vampire from Bezier Games

July 27, 2015 - 7:48am
one night ultimate vampire Vampires decend at night to prey upon the villagers and give the mark of the vampire, while the villagers try to protect themselves and Identify and kill the vampire in 'One Night Ultimate Vampire' by Ted Alspach and Akihisa Okui from Bezier games. One Night Ultimate Vampire is a stand alone game has many similar mechanics as 'One Night Ultimate Werewolf', or 'Daybreak', and will even use the same free phone app. Everyone recieves a secret role card that thas a secret ability. The game plays in 2 phases; a night phase where the vampires and some villagers will wake up and perform their actions, and a day phase where everyone will discuss what they think happened during the night to try to identify and kill a vampire, and all in about 10 minutes. ultimate vampire stuff For those familiar with 'One Night Ultimate Werewolf', the biggest change is the addition of marks. "At the beginning of each game each player receives a Mark of Clarity, which is placed face down near your role card. During the game, many of the roles have the ability to exchange your Mark for another one: The Vampires give a player the Mark of the Vampire, adding them to the Vampire team but leaving their original ability intact. The Assassin gives a player the Mark of the Assassin, which identifies their target. The Diseased gives one of the players adjacent to her a Mark of Disease, which will cause anyone voting for that player to lose." There are new and interesting roles, such as the cupid, who makes people fall in love. I'm not sure what that means in terms of game mechanics, but I'm intrigued. You can also swap, add, or change roles between 'One Night Ultimate Vampire', 'One Night Ultimate Werewolf' and 'Daybreak', or combine them all together and pit the villagers against both vampires AND werewolves. The kickstarter campaign will be starting Monday August 3rd, and I for one will be backing it. For those who do not wish to back it, it should be available in stores in January 2016.