Coming Soon from ABBA Games, Portal of Morth

July 22, 2015 - 6:37pm
portal of morth Tower defense games are a fun way to spend some time online as they revolve around using towers to stem the tide of enemies as they try to assault your castle, steal your gems, or just try to cross the road.  As of late there have been a couple attempts to replicate this in board game form with games like The King's Armory, Orcs Must Die, and Sherwood's Legacy.  Now ABBA Games is trying their hand at it with their upcoming release, Portal of Morth, set for release in October 2015 and will be showcased at Essen 2015.  From the pictures uploaded to BoardgameGeek it looks very similar to what you would find in a typical tower defense video game and hopefully plays just as well.  It will play 1-4 players with an average time of 40 minutes per player and will play out over 5 waves with each wave having 4 phases.
Image from BGG Image from BGG

-First is Lord Morth's phase where the starting player will roll dice to determine what creatures appear and where -Second is the Portal phase where players can modify the results of the initial roll with money they have on hand -Third is the Hero's phase where the players get to make their moves and attacks to eliminate as many monsters as they can -Fourth is the assault phase where the monsters advance using a d3 and their own movement modifiers If the monsters manage to cross your entire board and move off you will take damage and the player with the least amount of damage at the end wins.  You can find out more at their entry on BoardgameGeek and either play it at Essen or buy it at your local FLGS in October.