Flock on over to AEG

July 21, 2015 - 11:23pm
flock Flock, a new AEG release coming this winter, is a game about growing impressive bird colonies for 2-5 players. You start with a few birds in your flock and through action selection, you expand your Ornithological Empire by feeding, hatching, and building nests. But it is not so easy as other players are vying to feed and grow their own families from the same pool of action cards. It is a tense struggle to balance how many of your birds accomplish the tasks necessary to provide for your flock, while at the same trying to maintain dominance over other bird populations. AEG has a history of packing deep and strategic gameplay in a small package (Love Letter, Guild Hall, Istanbul) and it seems that Flock will be no different. The artwork is whimsical, the theme is fresh and interesting, and the components are cute and well-crafted. The art style is reminiscent of the great Waggle Dance, a game about building a bee colony, and I for one am excited to see another medium-weight eurogame about growing a colony of animals.