Bruno Faidutti on the 'Board Game Bubble'

July 22, 2015 - 10:06pm
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Is there a board game bubble? Lately we've heard a lot about a potential 'board game bubble' but there is a lot of debate about whether it exists or not. Prolific board game designer Bruno Faidutti tackles this question in his blog post La bulle du jeu - The boardgame bubble.
Twenty years ago, most analysts were predicting a complete extinction of traditional boardgames, going to be replaced by the more modern and efficient computer games – survival of the fittest. Twenty years later, the boardgame market looks healthier than ever. There has never been so many gamers, designers and publishers, and sales increase every year. Since I’m largely living from my designer royalties, and have been vaguely trained as an economist, I have been asking myself for some time if there is a boardgame bubble, and if we should expect, in the near future, a crash similar with what happened in the comics market a few years ago.
It's a very worthwhile read and he discusses the 'crisis' in the German market as well as Kickstarter.  You can read the entire post here, just scroll down for the English translation.