FFG previews the next Descent 2.0 expansion pack

July 17, 2015 - 7:21pm
bonds of wild figures Fantasy Flight Games is previewing the next Heroes and Monsters Collection expansion pack of figures for the popular Descent Second Edition game.  A branch from the mythical Tree of Life has been found and it's up to our heroes to recover it from the likes of hellhounds, deep elves, and kobolds.  This pack will include a total of 22 plastic miniatures, 4 heroes and 18 monsters, all with new art and new sculpts as well as two new adventures for your heroes to partake in.  Fantasy Flight is previewing one of the new heroes, Ronan of the Wild, who has a companion Pico that will look familiar to Legend of Korra fans.  His hero ability revolves around Pico as he can send him to a nearby search tokens, making it so that you don't have to use an action to search that token.  His heroic feat allows him and another hero to swap gear in the middle of an adventure making this hero rather useful. Also previewed are the new deep elves, who are vicious in combat with both stealth making them harder to hit, and a high pierce making armor almost useless.  The master of the deep elves is even meaner with a riposte ability, meaning she will damage you on defense as well as offense.  Put these two together with all the rest and you have an interesting reimplementation of heroes and monsters from the original Descent.  Check out the full preview here and check your local retailer to pre-order the pack today.