Fantasy Flight Announces Mafia Vendetta

July 17, 2015 - 8:09am
mafia Fantasy Flight Games has announced the imminent (Q3 2015) release of its take on the classic hidden role game, Mafia. Dubbed "Mafia: Vendetta," the premise of the game posits a mob of civilians eager for vigilante justice but with surprisingly little information about who their enemies are:
Your town has a Mafia in their midst. You’ve put up with it for years, benefitting from mysteriously cheap imported goods and lots of big spenders in nice suits at local restaurants. Now, however, a string of murders has turned the community against the Mafia. With so many of their friends, neighbors, and family members dying in the night, the civilians are eager to find out the Mafia members and put a stop to the violence. Even if that means condemning an innocent person.
mafia cards The art  and design on display at the preview page live up to Fantasy Flight's consistently high standards for component quality. This Dmitry Davidoff classic has spawned any number of re-implementations and re-themes, but there will surely be many who welcome the noir flavor and beautiful craftsmanship of this edition.