Zpocalypse 2: Defend the 'Burbs Kickstarter

July 17, 2015 - 8:01am
zpocalypse 2 Bursting it's way onto Kickstarter like one of the new breed of fast Zombies in many recent movies, Greenbrier Games presents Zpocalypse 2: The Burbs.  Although not featuring a zombie Tom Hanks, this standalone co-operative game is for 2 to 5 players who control their own squad of survivors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland each with their own weapons, food and items.  A sequel to the original Zpocalypse game, this time instead of trying to survive in a nuclear zombified wasteland you have survived the initial blasts of nukes and instead you have fled to the titular 'burbs and there is now a larger emphasis on upgrading your base and allocating tasks to survivors.  This can combine with the original game so that you can go back and forth between the urban wasteland and this new surburban biome to survive as long as possible.  There are now many new scenarios which have been added to the rule book rather than as cards, the main one consisting of repairing your truck in order to visit other locations. zpocalypse comp The game contains 46 miniatures (25-30mm) made from hard PVC plastics used in Greenbrier's previous games such as Zpocalpyse Aftermath.  Also included are the main 2 8x8" safe house tiles as well as 12 4x4" suburb tiles along with various decks of cards, the new planning board and redesigned squad boards. The emphasis of the game is now focussed on tower defense, defending your base from the zombie horde.  A new feature is the daily planning board that allows you to use your survivors as resources to allocate to your chosen task rather than there being set phases.  Tasks can include scavenging, fortifying the base, guarding, patrolling and resting.  Your squad can be split among these different tasks and you can even upgrade certain areas on the board such as increasing capacity in the medic station.  These tasks are aided by skills such as mechanic, first aid and stealth. You also have a new safe house which consists of the two double sided 8x8" tiles as well as a revamped scavenging system that works like a "choose your own adventure" book with possibilities to choose from depending on your skill levels, survivors and location.  In order to defend your safehouse you will be able to craft fortifications, weapons and upgrade items.  All of this will make your survivors tired however, and this is reflected in a new fatigued mechanic. Survivors who are fatigued can only perform a single action until they rest or eat food.  The game also includes redesigned squad boards that allow you to keep track of your squads' various items more easily. Kickstarter rewards range from a copy of the game to having you and your friends likenesses featured on survivor cards.  Will you be able to survive the Zpocalypse?