Now on Kickstarter: Foragers

July 17, 2015 - 8:06am
foragers Dr. Steve Finn - recently dubbed 'King of the Filler' by popular reviewer Richard Ham - is hoping to bring you something a little more involved with his newest kickstarter campaign. Foragers is a strategy game of prehistoric influence in which players have to explore the board looking for the best food and then bring it back and share it with the village before it goes bad. Players have to keep moving to find new sources of food, seek out better tools to improve their foraging efficiency and be careful not to get into fights with the other players (unless they know they can win!). foragers comp Designed for 2-4 players with a play time of around 60 minutes, Foragers uses a card driven action selection system designed to provide a highly varied gameplay experience. Each player simultaneously chooses an action card at the beginning of each round, and players then alternate taking actions from their card or from the communal action card which all players can use (if they get there first). With 10 possible action cards (plus the communal action card) in the game and 5 different actions on each card, the possible combinations are endless! For those interested in Dr. Finn's Games, the campaign is also a great opportunity to get your hands on his previous titles - which can sometimes be difficult to find in stores - with combo pledge levels available for games such as Capo Dei Capi, Let them Eat Shrimp and the classic Biblios. Be sure to check out the full campaign here!