Paul Heaver's Insight on Wave VII Rebel Ships for X-Wing

July 15, 2015 - 8:20am
star wars wave 7 The upcoming release of Fantasy Flight Games' seventh wave of ships for the ever-expanding Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game has been discussed at length on Fantasy Flight's news forums, and now they bring yet another fresh perspective on this new wave.  The game's two-time world champion Paul Heaver brings his take on the Rebel ship included in the upcoming expansion, the K-Wing, and the impact the ship will have on existing Rebel players' strategy and fleet builds. kwing "The K-wing is well-equipped to deal with many different situations," Heaver explains.  "The key is going to be figuring out what upgrade slots you should fill, and which ones you can leave empty."  Concerning his suggested upgrade elements, Heaver suggests giving the ship a turret and maybe some mines and Extra Munitions.  The SLAM ability makes the K-Wing an excellent bomber, yet without innate Focus and Target Lock abilities, it is difficult to use torpedoes and missiles unless you draw on the support abilities of other ships that provide this. This is just an introduction to the strategic ideas developed by this well-seasoned veteran of the X-Wing Miniatures Game.  To read the entire article, including more suggestions for fleet building with the new K-Wing, visit Heaver's article on Fantasy Flight Games' website.