Gamer Burns Entire Warhammer Collection in Protest

July 14, 2015 - 11:54am
death warhammer Games Workshop had to know that there would be some dissent when they decided to discontinue their long-standing Warhammer Fantasy line in favor of a new Age of Sigmar lore. However, some fans are taking it harder than others. A video by former Warhammer player Death, Holy Death was released by youtube user Tremendous027 last week that includes an eight-minute profanity-filled rant by the player against Games Workshop and their new Age of Sigmar system followed by the destruction of his entire Warhammer Fantasy miniatures collection. First the user dowses the miniatures in gasoline and then proceeds to watch them burn. Death, Holy Death wanted to protest the changes made by Games Workshop, and his message is coming across loud and clear. To watch the carnage, this video is queued up to skip the rant and go straight to the fiery heart of the matter.