Now on Kickstarter: Battle of Durak-Battle Card Game

July 15, 2015 - 8:25am
battle of durak Battle of Durak is a 2-4 player, light, trick-taking card game, with strategic and asymmetric qualities. Kickstarteed by Fedor Sosnin, it is based on a Russian game, ‘Durak’, but with updated rules and an added role-player aspect. Players take turns attacking and defending, using battle and character skills cards to force their opponent to accumulate cards, while depleting their own deck. The player who runs out of cards first is the winner. Players can also choose particular roles to play; Barbarian, Mage, Thief, and Necromancer, with different abilities and powers that can affect the battles and outcome of the game. Stretch goals for the campaign include two additional roles—Alchemist and Assassin—if reached providing players more options. Each box includes 4 battle event cards, 36 battle cards which are dealt to each player, 20 character cards which will be available for the different roles and a Compass Card to manage the play of the event cards, plus rulebook and a token to mark who is the first attacker in each round. Two variant rules are included; Ambush,  which allows other players to participate in an attack, speeding up game play and adding a strategic element to the game, and Team Battle, which allows for partnership and cooperative play between players. The campaign ends on August 12, 2015, and includes 4 backer levels, including a print-and-play option. You can visit the Kickstarter page here.