Now on Kickstarter: IKI: A Game of Edo Artisans

July 15, 2015 - 8:22am
iki comp UTSUROI Games in Japan is Kickstarting  IKI: A Game of Edo Artisans. A medium weight, Euro-style strategy game for 2-4 players, designed by Koota Yamada, it is based on the Japanese game “Edo Craftsman Story”, which UTSUROI states was sold out at the Spring 2014 Tokyo Game Market. The object of the game is to achieve ‘iki’, the ideal way of life in traditional Japanese philosophy. A player accomplishes this by hiring and training artisans and street vendors, building symbolic structures and contributing to the overall development of the city. Players use occupation cards—with quite nice artwork—meeples, money and resource tokens, played on a very attractive board representing the streets of Edo in their quest to achieve iki. If the pictures on KS are any indication, this game has very nice artwork and production values. The project runs until August 11, 2015, with six backer levels. You can visit the Kickstarter site here.