The Harbinger Expansion for Talisman Announced

July 8, 2015 - 10:46pm
harbinger Fantasy Flight Games has released a new preview teasing the contents of its new Talisman expansion, titled "The Harbinger."
Devils invade the realm of the living, dire omens fills the skies, and the ground itself changes unpredictably in The Harbinger, a new expansion for Talisman Fourth Edition. As the aged, blind Harbinger wanders throughout the land leaving a trail of demons and destruction in his wake, the apocalypse follows close on his heels. You will need the utmost cunning and fortitude to merely survive in these treacherous times, let alone reach the Crown of Command.
harbinger cards The new box will feature four "Omen stacks," consisting of eight cards each, which progress sequentially through a series of omens that fundamentally alter the game rules; the two detailed in the preview make magic more available and subsequently more costly, and alter the board itself by dropping terrain cards into spaces on the map. Talisman itself has been knocking about in various forms since 1983, and there are still those who will strongly maintain that its current (revised Fourth) edition is the definitive dungeon-crawl board game experience. It's impressive to see there's still plenty of room for innovation in that system.