Mort Künstler is the featured artist in Rally Round the Flag

July 9, 2015 - 11:25pm
rally round Lost Battalion Games is pleased to announce that Mort Künstler is the featured artist in S. Craig Taylor Jr and Jeff Billings' tabletop game covering the battle of Gettysburg, "Rally Round the Flag". The artist, famous for his Civil war art work in the late 1980s, is considered by many the premier historical artist in America.  Currently on Kickstarter, the game is a card driven strategy game featuring a hand-painted board derived from an 8' x 8.5' high resolution map based on the 1872 survey map commissioned by the army corps of engineers.  Each card features different artwork from Mort Künstler's Civil war library. rally round comp
The beautiful foundation of the map is used with our innovative standee playing pieces in this card driven strategy game.  Spend time with friends and family exploring the battle as you play this fun filled game together.
The game also features an interesting mechanic:
For the first time a table top board game allows Gettysburg to be played with the ability to zoom into the battles as they are fought.  As a player you can play with divisions, brigades or even regiments and move between the different points of view on the battlefield as much or little as you choose.
There are a variety of Kickstarter rewards ranging from postcards to thousands of card and troop stands to let you recreate the battle at the scale of your choosing. For more details visit Rally Round the Flag