Now on Kickstarter: Brawl Real Time Card Game from Cheapass Games

July 8, 2015 - 4:51pm
brawl Brawl Real Time Card Game from Cheapass Games is a card-based fighting game, where players choose a deck representing one of 6 characters, then fight it out with each other. Designed by James Ernest and illustrated by Ryan Kinnaird, the KS campaign is to fund a reprint of the original 1999 edition, with the publishers promising more expansions “over the next few years. brawl people Designed for two players, each needs a deck of cards representing one of six characters. Players fight for control of Bases, using Hit and Block cards, Press cards to eliminate Blocks, and Clear cards to remove Bases from the table. Freeze cards regulate the length f the game by closing off Bases; three revealed Freeze cards triggers the end of a game. Cheapass states that a game “takes less than a minute.” Backing is open until July 24, 2015, with delivery scheduled for January 2016. Support levels range from 2 to 4 character decks, and an option for all 6 decks. You can click here to visit the campaign on Kickstarter.