September Releases from Z-Man Games

July 7, 2015 - 11:44pm
Z-Man has three upcoming titles for September, the smallest of which supports 8 players.

Monster My Neighbor (20 minutes, 3-8 players) is a twist on the evergreen hidden-role genre that involves a small hand of action cards for each player. "As the cards keep getting exchanged, the identity of the monster remains vague. Will you guess who the monster is?"

Next up is an expansion for Camel Up (30-45 minutes, 2-10 players with expansion), which many will remember was 2014's Spiel des Jahres winner. The expansion, dubbed "Supercup," will consist of four modules which both lengthen the game and add new options to its betting mechanic.

Lastly, Dark Stories (1 of 3) (20 minutes, 2-15 players) is a new English edition of Holger Bosch's 2004 game Black Stories; no word yet as to whether it's a strict translation or if the cards have been updated or incorporate any of the previously-untranslated expansion content. Two more volumes will be printed according to BoardGameGeek, so we can hope to see either or both of those things eventually.