New from USAopoly for August

July 7, 2015 - 12:16am
  USAopoly is releasing 5 new games (or at least, new game iterations) this month to expand their catalog and to try to capitalize on Marvel's popularity.  First is a MARVEL edition of trivial pursuit with questions all about the MARVEL universe and includes custom red and blue MARVEL dice.

Next is a MARVEL version of Risk where instead of trying to take over the world, you are just fighting over New York.  But the big twist with this game is that it is double sided, and on the back side is a board for the Guardians of the Galaxy stand alone card and dice game.  Two games in one, and hopefully they are both good.

Wonky is a dexterity game where you are playing cards to determine which oddly shaped block you will use to build a tower with, but don't let it fall on your turn or you will end up with all those played cards.  With other cards like reverse and pass, this should be an interesting game dexterity game with a uno like twist.

Pass the Blame is a story telling game, sort of, where you are making up excuses to pass the blame off onto other people.  First a situation will be read like "A piece of the cake is missing and the party hasn't even started yet", then the players will all write down excuses as to why someone else did the deed and not them.  Players are then rated on best and worst excuses and the person who passes the blame best wins.

Lastly we have another Yahtzee iteration, this time with Back to the Future collector's edition.  This 30th anniversary edition of Yahtzee is special in that the game comes packaged in a light up replica of the flux capacitor with all the components you need to a game of Yahtzee. Look for all these games to arrive in stores in August.