Attack on Titan License acquired by Cryptozoic and Don't Panic Games

July 7, 2015 - 10:42pm

In what will surely be exciting news to anime fans Cryptozoic and Don't Panic Games have collaborated to acquire the worldwide rights to publish and distribute games based on the Attack on Titan manga series. Attack on Titan debuted in September 2009 and has 45 million copies in print as of November 2014. The story takes place in a world where giant humanoid creatures that are 10-50 feet tall called Titans have nearly wiped out humanity. They eat humans even though they do not appear to need food, have tough to penetrate skin, and regenerate from injuries quickly needless to say they are hard to kill. The remaining humans have retreated behind three enormous walls to protect themselves from these creatures. As the story develops it is discovered that some of the humans are able to transform into Titans which allow them to blend in as spies behind the walls of the city. All of this will certainly make for an interesting board game with a lot of possibilities as to how it will play. With Cryptozoic bringing us games like the DC Comics Deck-Building Game and the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Board Game and Don't Panic Games having a successful Kickstarter for Drakerys fans of Attack On Titan and board gamers alike are sure to be looking forward to how this license will be developed.