GMT Update for July 1, 2015

July 5, 2015 - 9:40pm

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GMT Games has released their latest update newsletter in which they chronicle the latest news and upcoming releases.   The following is discussed at length:
  • a brief account of the Consimworld Expo, in which record-breaking attendance was noted (over 300).
  • Mr. President: a new game design that is currently in its prototype phase.  Mr. President is a solitaire gaming experience in which the player takes the role of the President of the United States and simulates the actual governing of the country.
  • Designer Kurt Keckley has created a full-featured solitaire system for his Fields of Despair WWI BLOCK GAME design.
  • A call for playtesters on the following projects: The MBT VASSAL playtest module and Mitch Land: Silver Bayonet 25th Anniversary Ed.
  • Updates on the progress of Won by the Sword; proofing is almost done.
  • An ongoing series replay of The Dark Sands (The Dark Valley system) by Developer Tim Wilcox in InsideGMT.
  • Digital versions of Dominant Species and Twilight Struggle updates.
  • Links to recent InsideGMT articles.
  • Information about the Fall GMT Weekend at the Warehouse on October 15-18, 2015.
Visit this link to view the update in full.