Now on Kickstarter: Paradox

July 2, 2015 - 11:12pm

In a previous article, we talked about Split Second Game's new game Paradox, a game where a space-time disturbance called The Quake is removing entire worlds from existence. Now Paradox is live on Kickstarter, complete with a bunch of stretch goals with new scenarios! Paradox is a sci-fi puzzle game where players are scientists trying to repair the worlds' time connections by playing and score timeline cards. But each time, they create a space-time disturbance and fracture other worlds.
Paradox takes familiar boardgame elements such as card drafting, set collection, and resource management, then adds a Bejewelled-like grid of colorful disks for each player to manipulate, along with a universe of worlds that must be protected by game’s end. As a result, Paradox presents players with a unique experience that is simple to learn yet challenging to master as players navigate three interlocking systems to protect these worlds from the chaotic forces of the Quake.
The art is also fantastic - the cards are illustrated by 15 different artists, and the illustrations line up to create panoramic pictures with all the possible time-periods mashed together. Check out the game's Kickstarter page before July 26! The page includes additional information including the beta rulebook and some reviews.