Now on Kickstarter Rivals: Masters of the Deep by Chase Layman

July 2, 2015 - 11:18pm

In the deep depths of The Lurk lies a battlefield where the Cogs and the Nautilus duel over the precious resource Aether. Locked in combat they must survive not only each other but the environment around. Who will win this struggle depends on the decisions you and your opponent make. The only question now is which side will you choose the nature loving tentacle bearded Nautilus or the invading steam punk powered Cogs? Rivals: Masters of the Deep will be published by World of Rivals LLC and is a tactical miniatures game that pits two (or more) players against one another in a steam punk underwater world. It is designed by Chase and Sean Layman with the fun and colorful illustration done by Michael Anderson (II) and Alain Viesca.
Rivals: Masters of the Deep is a tactical game for two or more players set in the cold dark depths of the Lurk. Players take command of either the Cog or the Nautilus, gather a fighting force and, through wise decisions and strategic moves, destroy the opposition.
Rivals is played on a randomly generated hex map that builds an underwater world that players will interact with while battling each other. There are rip tides that will batter you and coral that will try and eat you all while facing your opponent. Each player, or team if there are more than two players, will select a side in the battle either the Cogs or the Nautilus. The Cogs are steam punk style surface dwellers that wear wet suits to survive in the depths while the Nautilus are underwater dwelling tentacle bearded nature lovers whose villages are set atop a deposit of a rare mineral deposit of Aether. Players will not only have to battle each other but also be prepared to face Lurkers. Lurkers are the various creatures that live in the depths. The miniatures in the game are cute chibi style miniatures and World of Rivals LLC has had previous Kickstarter success with toy miniatures in the same universe that Rivals is set in. The miniatures in the game look great and are definitely unique. If you are fan of steam punk, chibi style miniatures (or miniatures in general), or have an interest in the Rivals Universe than this may just be the game for you and I would suggest heading over to the Kickstarter page to check out Rivals: Masters of the Deep which has already funded and is now working on stretch goals.