Now on Kickstarter: Swords and Bagpipes by Moroz Publishing

July 1, 2015 - 7:38am

Fans of social deduction games like The Resistance or Werewolf or even fans of the movie Braveheart lend me your ears. Yes I said the movie Braveheart, because that takes place in the same time and location as the game Swords and Bagpipes by Moroz Publishing that is now on Kickstarter. Swords and Bagpipes is designed and illustrated by Yan Egorov and plays with 2-6 players in 20-45 minutes. In Swords and Bagpipes players take on the roles of Scottish clan leaders during the First War of Scottish Independence, and each round the English army invades and the players must make a decision: stand their ground and fight the English for the good of Scotland or cash in on the large amounts of gold that England offers for defectors. If Scotland wins the war then the player with the most gold wins the game so defecting should be the obvious choice...but beware for each time a player defects they must draw a card from the deck of daggers. Each of these cards has one to three daggers drawn on them and if Scotland should lose the war then the player with the least amount of daggers wins. What's more if Scotland should win then if only one player has a total of five or more daggers than any of the other players he is declared the traitor of the nation and is not eligible for the win. Plan your betrayals carefully if you decide to play this way, but also be aware if all the other players other than you betray Scotland then there will most likely be no traitor to the nation.
Swords and Bagpipes is set during the time of the First Scottish War of Independence of 1296. English king Edward I, nicknamed Hammer of the Scots, was great at manipulating Scottish lords. He lured them with gold, titles and wealth. He menaced them with devastation and even death. To join England or to fight for Scotland? That wasn't a piece-of-cake decision for the clan leaders of that time!
The game was already published in Russia and garnered a lot of praise this Kickstarter project is to bring it to the rest of the world. There are plenty of reviews on the page including one by the Dice Tower's own Dan 'The Game Boy Geek' King and the rules are available if you want to learn more about the game. So if you are a fan of Braveheart, or any social deduction game and like the idea of multiple rounds where you get to choose if you are the betrayer or not rather than let fate decide you should really head over to Kickstarter and check out Swords and Bagpipes