Wargames Terrain Mats by Deep-Cut Studio

June 30, 2015 - 8:46am
deep cut mats 2 Deep-Cut Studio, a Lithuanian manufacturer, produces a line of high-quality gaming mats made of PVC and cloth.  Their newest release, the Aerial Bay mat, offers a satellite aerial view of a bay with land, perfect for historical war-games.  All of Deep-Cut Studio's battle mats are of varying sizes and with many different themed backgrounds available, including settings for historical war-games, space backgrounds for sci-fi miniature games, post-apocalyptic and fantasy RPG settings.  Any of these mats can be custom manufactured with any size grid or hex as well as custom sizes to fit your gaming table.  The two types of material, PVC or cloth, include the following features: PVC mat: - Made from high durability PVC - Non textured gaming surface with high quality printed picture - Resistant to scratch and tear as well as dirt stains - Compatible with water based pens - Shipping tubes can be used as easy storage - The choice for a sturdy and cost friendly battlefield Cloth mat: - Made from lightweight synthetic cloth - The paint is soaked into the material and will never scratch or fade off - Can be machine washed or ironed with steam - The choice for an ultra-portable battlefield For more information about these gaming mats, visit Deep-Cut Studio's website here.