Your Board Game Sommelier Has Arrived

June 29, 2015 - 5:44pm
pick a game   Sommeliernoun, a wine steward in a restaurant or hotel At fine dining establishments they sometimes will employ sommeliers to help pick and choose the wines they carry as well as help customers decide what kind of wine to enjoy with their dinner.  They are known for their extensive knowledge of wines and wine flavors and, thus, their recommendations are often very accurate.  Game sommeliers offer the same type of service but, obviously, in respect to games.  They are able to ask pertinent probing questions and discern your preferences in order to recommend games to you.  This is great if you are at a cafe looking to play a game from their shelves, but what about at home?  Often people will turn to the BoardGameGeek forums and poll the people on what they think they should get, but, they now have another option. Jonathan Moriarity from Snakes & Lattes, Toronto's celebrated board game café, and his father Michael Moriarity spent the last couple years developing a web-based board game recommendation site.  On this site you can go as simple as picking four aspects of how competitive/relaxed, silly/serious, psychological/intellectual, and involved the game might be, from those four aspects it will recommend some games for you to try.  Looking for something more in depth, they also have a short personality quiz you can take that would lead to some more tailored recommendations for you to try.  The site also comes with a searchable game index where you can find out more information about the game as well as links for you to purchase the game.  Personally I like to use Youtube reviews to decide which games to get, but this site will go a long way to help those who aren't deep in the hobby to find new games and for those deep in the hobby to find games that newcomers might enjoy.  The future is now at