FFG Previews Eldritch Horror Expansion, Strange Remnants

June 24, 2015 - 10:35pm
Strange remnants Last month Fantasy Flight Games announced the next expansion for their popular game Eldritch Horror, Strange Remnants, and now they are taking some time to showcase the new additions that it will bring to the game.  One of the new additions would be the need to go to ancient sites in order to help prepare for the cosmic alignment and the coming of Syzygy.  Thus FFG has done some write-ups about each of the locations to hint at what you would need to do at these sights, such as fight off cultists at Stonehenge to obtain a powerful artifact.  Play the mayan soccer-like game Ōllamaliztli in the hopes of gaining favor with Yig in Chichen Itza, or die trying.  Work to obtain a powerful Asset from the Great Wall of China, but have to face the dangerous Xiongnu raiders and steel your mind from the horrors you will face.  Even travel to Easter Island and obtain magical energies stored in the Moai, the monolithic stone statues of the island.  But be careful, you could awaken the spirits of tribal leaders, and they don't take kindly to thievery. srange remnants art Next this also reveal some mechanics of the new prelude system which will help bring more atmosphere and story to when you are battling the ancient ones.  One of them puts the evil cosmic alignment as the primary concern while you still have to fight off the ancient one you have chosen, thus forcing you to still explore the new locations.  Another offers you a devil's deal where you can gain a boon, but at a price, and it won't be until it's too late for you to know if it was worth it or not.  And the third puts you up against the Dunwitch Horror who has left rural Massachusetts for new areas, but he has grown powerful and tough as he consumed herd after herd of livestock.  But the prelude doesn't leave you completely defenseless as it also gives you powerful spells to help you fight back against this monstrosity. All in all this expansion is shaping up to be a good one, head on over to Fantasy Flight's website to read the entire preview.