Now on Kickstarter: Dicenstein! by Sandy Petersen

June 22, 2015 - 6:07pm
dicenstein Petersen Games, who brought us Cthulhu Wars and the yet to be released Orcs Must Die! has a new game on Kickstarter called Dicenstein designed Chris Fernandez and Tom McGinty. Dicenstein is a dice game that casts 2-4 players as a mad doctor who is digging up, collecting, and stitching together various parts of the most infamous monsters to create your Ultimate Creation! You will battle your rivals for superior monster parts with your best monsters while creating a monster army to savage the countryside.
Become a mad scientist, digging through graveyards to stitch together wacky hybrid monsters and send them to battle!
Players will seed a burial key board with various monsters drawn randomly from a bag, then place the corresponding dice for each monster on the graveyard symbols indicated on the burial key. This means that if you have more than 12 monsters in the game box (which will be the case for each backer) you set up will be different every time. dicenstein stuff During the game players will send their hunchback assistant into the monster graveyard to dig up parts (collect dice). When you have enough dice you can roll them all and use the results to piece together a monster. Each monster requires a head, hand, body, and foot and various parts from various monsters is allowed and encouraged. The newly created monster will take the place of your hunchback and do your digging/fighting for you. Each of the monsters in the game that you can dig up has different special abilities that aid the players during the game, a few examples of the included monsters and their special abilities are:
  • Werewolf - Overwhelming Rage
  • Clown - Terror
  • Invisible Man - Invisibility
  • Unicorn - Charge
The Kickstarter doesn’t cover just the base game, two expansion are available through it as well. Brides of Dicenstein adds three new monsters (Bride of Dicenstein, Medusa, and a Witch) and Return to Castle Dicenstein increases the player count to 2 - 8 players and also includes 8 new monsters. Dicenstein certainly looks like a exciting and entertaining game that will come with a ton of 18mm colorful dice and some cool artwork by Daniel Hughes II. It should be 45 minutes of family friendly fun. So if you like games with loads of dice rolling and fast strategic gameplay then you should check out Dicenstein on Kickstarter here.