Now on Kickstarter: HOPE: The Board Game

June 18, 2015 - 10:29am
In the dawn of the year 5341, technological prowess, political stability, and collective intelligence allow some 193 billion people to live in peace... Until the unthinkable happens: The universe begins to rapidly implode, threatening the fabric of space, time, and life. As an elite member of the Human Organization to Preserve Existence (H.O.P.E), you are tasked with saving the universe by jumping to the far reaches of space, terraforming hostile planets into habitable worlds, and seeding new civilizations with life.
In HOPE: The Board Game, players are trying to colonize galaxies across the board, which is composed of 36 hexagonal tiles that appear multi-dimensional through an optical illusion (each tile is made up of 3 colors). Players travel throughout galaxies on a single color using movement tiles, and their frame of reference shifts periodically, causing them to move on a different color. To score points, players need to colonize all three colors of the tile with pioneers. In order to win the game, a player needs to have the highest number of pioneers  scored, and the players collectively need to save the universe - if the Regression progresses too quickly, then everyone loses! hope bits There are multiple modes of play, including a traitor mode where the traitor wants to prevent the other players from saving the universe. Furthermore, there are variable player powers - each hero has a specific set of skills that can be used for the mission. In 2013, HOPE won the International Competition for board game designers organized by the National French Game Center (article in French). It was also mentioned as one of the 6 New Games to Look Out For by the Swiss Gus & Co blog, so it's definitely a game to check out. To learn more, see the game's Kickstarter page here - they include full rules as well as a print and play version of the game!